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Pure & Wild

Pasture Raised                  No Hormones              No Antibiotics 

Welcome to Flo-Town Farms: Where Pasture Meets Plate!

          Nestled in the heart of Florence, Alabama, we take immense pride in our premium, pasture-raised, USDA inspected meats that not only nourish your family but also honor our commitment to ethical farming practices.

      At Flo-Town Farms, we believe in transparency and accountability. That's why we ensure that every animal on our farm is raised with the utmost care and respect, roaming freely in our lush pastures. We go beyond mere sustenance – we provide peace of mind. With us, you'll always know exactly what you're feeding your loved ones and putting into your body.

  Our beef and pork are raised without the use of hormones or antibiotics, allowing their natural flavors to shine through in every bite. From our pastures to your plate, we guarantee a difference you can taste and feel good about.

       Join us in supporting sustainable agriculture and savoring the pure essence of farm-fresh goodness. Experience the Flo-Town Farms difference today!

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Easy Steps I Farm to Your Table



Reserve your Share

Secure your order with a deposit, supporting ethical farming practices. Your deposit directly aids in caring for our animals and sustaining our farm operations. Our hormone-free animals mature freely, grazing and growing. We will keep you updated with stories and photos throughout their journey. Reserve now, as we raise only a limited amount each year.



Let Us Handle the Rest

Sit back and relax as we take on the responsibility of raising your animal with care and dedication. Our finishing touch involves a grain-fed diet cultivated from local farms, resulting in premium marbling and exceptional flavor. Our beef and pork are harvested in harmony with Mother Nature. Count down the months knowing your freezer will be stocked with fresh farm to table meat.


Get Ready!

We collaborate with you to tailor your order so you receive the cuts you love. We oversee every step with the processor to ensure your meat is harvested, cut and packaged to your specifications. Simply settle the remaining balance, your farm-to-table meat will be ready for pickup or delivery. With your freezer stocked, you'll always have convenient dinners on hand to share with family and friends that will appreciate the taste & quality.


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Know what you put in your body. Order our Farm to Table Fresh Beef and Pork. 

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