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All the Answers to Your Questions

What is the process for paying and picking up my beef?

You will have two costs when purchasing your custom beef order, the beef and the processing fee. Flo-Town Farms requires a partial deposit to secure your order and the final payment the day we take your animal to the butcher. Your final payment to Flo-Town Farms is determined by the weight of your animal that day. We will send you an invoice with the hanging weight reported by the butcher. Your payment will be the hanging weight x cost per lb* - deposit. The cost per lb will be the cost when you placed your order. Costs are subject to change with out notice but we will honor the lb rate you secured with your deposit. 

The second payment is made to the butcher when you pick up your beef this will be the rate per lb they charge plus their slaughter fee. The butcher is subject to change these fees at anytime and we do not have rates locked in since they manage their own business. On average the cost is .85 -.90 per lb on the hanging weight of the animal plus $40 slaughter fee full beef. 

Flo-Town Farms does accept credit cards but a 3% merchant fee will be added. 

When should I order my portion of beef?

It takes 14-18 month to get the cattle to the desired weight since we are not using any type of growth hormones. We have a limited amount of cattle we are able to raise in a year and regular customers that order every year around the same time that we make sure we take care. Visit our product page to check on harvest dates available but you would typically order at least 8 months out to ensure we have the beef available. All the harvest dates are first come first serve. 

Does your beef have added hormones and antibiotics?

We do not use steroids, implants or any other growth hormones in our cattle. We let them mature to the desired weight on their own. We also do not inject any unnecessary antibiotics into the cattle. In the rare instance that one of our animals does become ill, the comfort and health of that animal always comes first. We begin with homeopathic remedies first and only use antibiotics as a last resort.

Do you ship or deliver your custom beef shares?

Our beef will be processed at a Federally USDA inspected processor in Florence, AL. While we will be legally able to ship the meat, we are not at this time. We are getting our expanded operation up and running and making sure we meet the needs for the local community first. Depending on where you are located we may be able to deliver to your home for an added fee, starting at $100. for up to 30 miles. Please contact us for distances beyond that and we can assess the request at that time. 

How much Freezer space do I even need?

These are estimates. If you keep bones for marrow and other organs it could be a little larger. 

Quarter Beef- 10 Cubic Feet

Half Beef- 20 Cubic Feet

Whole Beef- 40 Cubic Feet

What kind of cuts can I get and can I keep the organs?

Beef Shares are customizable. On the processor sheet you can choose the cuts of meat you want, thickness of your steak, size of your roasts as well as any other specialty cuts like Brisket, Cowboy Steak, Prime Rib and more. You are able to keep the organs and bones for bone marrow if you desire. The USDA does not allow you to include the organ meat in your ground beef. If you ordered a quarter or half of beef you will have to share these with the other family sharing your animal if they want them as well. 

Do you raise other animals beside cattle for meat?

If you are interested in other types of meat let us know. We can raise and butcher is a USDA inspected facility, pork, lamb and goat. 

What type of cattle do you raise for beef?

We focus raising angus and Charolais cross cattle. They are well mannered cattle with a high yield percentage. We feel like our cattle produce fine marbling and first-rate primal cuts. 

Do you raise the Scottish Highland Cattle for Beef?

Scottish Highland Cattle is the oldest breed of beef cattle originating in Scotland. I know beef was their intended purpose and people do enjoy it. However, these furry critters are pets and we DO NOT raise or sell them for meat. They are gentle and you can feed them treats. Hopefully Coco the Treat Monster will bless us with a tiny furry baby and we can continue to grow the herd. 

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