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Wild & Pure 

Flo-Town Farms, locally owned and operated farm in Florence, Alabama. We are passionate about providing the community with a healthy and sustainable source of meat. We believe in raising our animals with respect and care, and never use hormones or unnecessary antibiotics. We are committed to providing our customers with the best quality beef while remaining less expensive than grocery store costs. We strive to make Flo-Town Farms a healthy and obtainable source of meat for the community.  We hope you check us out and taste the difference.

Scottish Highlanders

At Flo-Town Farms, we are passionate about Scottish Highland Cattle. Our furry and cute cows are known for their gentle and good dispositions, making them the perfect addition to any family farm. We love to reward our cows with treats and we even have a resident cow nicknamed “Coco the Treat Monster.” We also have Lola and Maverick the Bull, that roam the farm and bring joy to visitors.

We are constantly looking to expand our herd and breed more Highland Cattle. Follow our social media to keep up with videos of our furry friends.

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